Atlantic America Kingston Transportation, Inc.

What We Do

We offer services ranging from warehouse management services monitored by our Infor WMS system, IT Warehouse Management Systems utilizing RF & Bar Code technology, as well as other value added services. It is easy to see how we live up to our motto “Delivering Tomorrow’s Logistics Solutions Today”.

Our managed warehouse offer companies a competitive supply chain weapon through cost control, visibility and responsiveness. We utilize stable, proven applications that support the movement and tracking of goods, logistics management, premium transportation services and total supply chain management operations. Our state of the art infrastructure is designed to keep our operations up and running, to support your business in an uncertain world.

Advanced applications power the supply chains of the World’s best known brands. Whether your supply chain is simple and regional or highly complex and global, these technology solutions can be configured to maximize the overall effectiveness of your supply chain.

Value Added

We offer a variety of value added services that enhance and compliment our core transportation and warehouse management logistics services. These value added services facilitate strategies to expedite our client’s products to market transition while maintaining our “Best Way” and “Best Cost” approach to their supply chain solutions.

At AAKTI, we consistently increase our value to our customers through the various technical advances. Many of these ideas originate from our dedication to working alongside our clients to fulfill their needs. AAKTI is constantly growing and adapting to not only meet the needs of its clients, but to continue to be an innovator of industry trends.